Household Segregation Solution


Rs. 4000

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Product Description

Product Description

Doko's Waste Segregation Kit is easy and efficient to use. It can help segregate waste at homes or even offices. 

Inside the Kit:

2 Smart Bucket (including a decomposer and 1 shovel) 

1 Tote Bag

1 Landfill Bucket

Smart Bucket

Smart Bucket is designed to manage kitchen waste aka organic waste. With easy-to-use indoor technology, it is adaptable and environment-friendly. The Smart Bucket also produces compost that can be used in gardens, rooftop farming, etc.

Tote Bag

The purpose of the Tote Bag is to collect recyclables like paper, plastic, glass, metal, and e-waste. Recyclables can later be exchanged at Doko as cash for trash. 

Landfill Bucket

Landfill bucket aka Red bucket is for non-recyclable waste - masks, medical waste, sanitary pads, waiwai wrappers, chocolate wrappers and more.

Along with the kit, a waste segregation guideline is also provided which further guides to choose the right bin for the right trash.