Smart Bucket


Rs. 2550

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Additional shipping cost all over Nepal= Rs. 100 (except smart bucket)

Additional shipping cost for Smart Bucket all over Nepal= Rs. 200

Product Description

Smart Bucket is an environmental friendly, easily adaptable and easy to use indoor technology for handling of the kitchen waste into value added compost. This kit not only manages the kitchen waste but also produces compost that can be used in garden, rooftop farming etc.

A kit of Smart Bucket is designed to manage the kitchen waste of the family of 4-5 members for about 25-28 days. The number of the Smart Bucket can be added as per the size of the family members. The whole process form waste to ready to use compost takes about 60-90 days dependent upon the proper handling of the kit.

Code: DBC-SM

Volume: 20L

Dimensions: 12*15

Accessories: Smart Bucket, 2 lids, 2 strainer, 2 decomposer(1kg), 2 taps, 1 shovel